Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Epcot does Annuals

Posted by: Colorado Master Gardener in Larimer County, Illeane Podolski (uploaded by Alison O'Connor)

Not to steal Carrie's thunder about garden fashion (which was fabulous!), but with our recent snowfall, I thought you would enjoy some gorgeous photos from Epcot's Garden Show in Florida, taken by Colorado Master Gardener Illeane Podolski.  If these don't make you "think spring", then perhaps you should travel to Florida to see it in person.
All annuals!  Can you believe it?  Maybe Dr. Jim Klett should
consider this design for the CSU Annual Trials this summer!

A gorgeous grouping of New Guinea impatiens, petunias,
gebera daisies and salvia, among others.

Illeane standing next to a flowering wall of New Guinea impatiens. 
She reported that they were planted in circular containers and
layered on top of each other.

That Goofy!  He was planted exclusively in Lysimachia and ivy.


  1. I think am going to try to do one of those towers of annuals, because I don't have a shrub that I can prune into a Minnie Mouse (which is this gardenista's fav).

  2. I got to intern for WDW in 2008. I worked at Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival. It is a lot of fun, and one of the most beautiful times of year at Disney World. EPCOT looked naked after we took all the plants out. In one magical night, we transformed the entire park. Massive cranes were brought in to take out topiaries and large palm trees. Plants were ripped out, and replaced. WE were up against the clock, and rushed to finish the beds. My beds were the beds right up by the turnstiles, which had to be open at 7AM. We were literally going out the back gates as guests were coming in through the front.

  3. Wow! I had a friend do an internship at Disney, but he didn't reveal all that behind-the-scenes stuff. It's amazing how they "magically" transform the entire park in a matter of hours. Thanks for sharing, Rich!