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Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 - Out With A Bang!

Alexis Alvey, Horticulture Agent, CSU Denver Extension 

It is the end of the year, that time when the phone is silent, the e-mail box is noticeably empty, and anyone walking into our office is more interested in free Christmas cookies than asking gardening questions.  I am always grateful for this time period when the Horticulture Program can take a much-needed breather before heading full-swing into Master Gardener training in January.  Reflecting on 2013, here are just some of the awesome things that the Denver Master Gardeners and the Denver Horticulture Program have accomplished!

- Nearly 5,000 volunteer hours were donated in 2013 by Master Gardeners to 44 gardening projects throughout Denver!

- Master Gardeners answered nearly 7,000 gardening questions this year!

- 430 pounds of produce were grown in 2013 in our Vegetable Demonstration Garden and donated to the St. Francis Homeless Shelter.

- The most successful Denver Master Gardener Plant Sale ever!  Our two-day sale sold-out!

- A new Native Plant Garden & CO State Children's Home Memorial was installed in front of the Denver Extension office.

- First Native Plant Master class hosted by CSU Denver Extension.

- Master Gardeners taught hands-on gardening sessions at the Colorado Governor's Mansion to young adults who are recovering from substance abuse.  There were five "graduates" of the program and eight total participants.

And also of note: 

- CSU Denver Extension provided help with the Emerald Ash Borer delimitation survey in Boulder.

- 14 new Master Gardeners joined our team of 122 active Master Gardeners here in Denver.

- First statewide webinar partnering with the CSU Alumni Association, and

- New Master Gardener volunteer project at the Haven in Fort Logan which led gardening workshop for women there recovering from substance abuse.

Thanks to all who have helped make this such a wonderful year!  We are looking forward to a fantastic 2014!!  Happy holidays!


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