Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sixty Second Secrets for Gardening Success: Pruning Roses

Today on Sixty-Second Secrets for Gardening Success: Pruning Roses!
Winter frosts and freezes are damaging to roses so it’s best to wait till early spring to prune roses.
Pruning roses is easy and will make a big difference in the plants health so it’s best to prune every spring.

Start with a
sharp pair of bypass pruners and a good pair of gloves.

Next remove any
dead, diseased, or damaged canes. Canes should be pruned at a 45 degree angle about ¼ inch below the point where you see green or healthy wood.
After you have removed any dead, diseased, or damaged canes you can focus on the shape. Prune your rose ¼ inch above an outward facing bud. This will help the plant grow in way that will prevent branches from growing through the plant, allow for more air and light penetration into the plant, and reduce the possibility of disease.
For more information on roses, contact your local CSU Extension Office.
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