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Monday, June 26, 2017

Transplanting: how, why, when?

Posted by: Deryn Davidson, Boulder County Extension

As gardeners we're always trying out new plants to see what works and what doesn't. Sometimes you score and that plant that didn't work over here, works perfectly in that tough spot in the corner of the yard that you've never been able to get anything to grow. Sometimes...not so much. But, that's the nature of gardening! Lots of trial and error and experimenting.

Depending on what plant you're transplanting, the proper technique will vary slightly, but there are general concepts that hold true no matter what. Typically you want to transplant early or late in the season when the temps are cooler. You want as little disturbance to the root-ball of the plant as possible. You want the soil that you're moving the plant into to be pre-moistened and ready to receive the plant. I've seen folks drop transplants into dry, dusty holes...not very hospitable. And once you have the plant planted, water in thoroughly to get rid of any air pockets left in the soil and to settle the plant in.

Sometimes, the reason for transplanting is that you planted something years ago that has done really well, it loved the spot, is super healthy, but it's outgrown that spot. Then what do you?? Well, check out this example of one such scenario:

100 year old Giant Sequoia being moved/transplanted to a new location

An amazing feat for an amazing tree!!! I hope that it's a success, time will tell.

Happy gardening!

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