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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Loving my spring-blooming bulbs!

Posted by: Alison O'Connor, Larimer County Extension

Last fall I blogged about planting the bulbs that I bought a little haphazardly and in great quantities. But all the hard work paid off, because they are (were?) blooming beautifully. [We're currently in the middle of a spring blizzard, so the blooms might be impacted by the wind and snow.] Last weekend the bulbs were beautiful--not quite the swaths of daffodils they have in England, but not bad for Windsor, Colo. Even a little color after a long winter is welcome.

I have to admit that the hyacinths are my current favorite, just because they smell so wonderful. With the windows open, you can even smell them indoors--a gentle, sweet odor.
Daffodils and hyacinth
Right after this photo, like the very next day, the pink hyacinth opened and they are a beautiful magenta pink! Almost like raspberry sorbet. Yum.

I still love the "minor" bulbs--the little guys that you need to stoop down to appreciate. One is the reticulated iris. The patterns in the flower are spectacular.
Reticulated iris. It had just sprinkled, so I caught the droplets on the flower.
I have crocus in yellow, white, and purple. The yellow ones were especially cute this spring. Is it just me, or if spring was a color, it would be yellow?
Yellow crocus...on their way out.
The tulips have yet to open (or they were eaten by rabbits). And there are more daffodils waiting for their moment. I'm excited to see these bulbs multiply and increase their impact and curb appeal over the next few years. Happy spring!
Cheerful yellow daffodils.


  1. Love this post! I was thrilled to see my hyacinth were bent but still pretty after the snow melted this afternoon. You have inspired me to try more bulbs for next year.

  2. Spring-blooming bulbs are so great !! Every spring when my daffodils bloom, I make a mental note to plant more daffodils in the fall, but I never get it done. Also, your tulips probably weren't eaten by the rabbits; none of mine have opened yet; they were budding before the blizzard. Thank you for the article !

  3. I have a community container garden of about 30 pots where I live. My tulips are blooming and went at all damaged by the "blizzard" last week. I thought I had planted daffodils last fall but apparently not. Just the ones I had planted a couple of years ago came up, a Thalia here and there or a Hawera. Nothing to brag about. I've had some strange leaves coming up which were labeled Irid Reticulata but clearly were not. They were over a foot tall and didn't bloom for two years. I pulled them out. Who gets leaves but no blooms?

  4. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing!
    Dot Himes, Cortez