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Monday, June 17, 2019


By Andie Wommack, Douglas County

Xeriscape, WaterWise, and now ColoradoScape. These are all terms used to describe landscapes that use less water. ColoradoScape is the newest term that is being used by some to promote water-conscious landscaping. There are seven principles of xeriscape: plan and design for water conservation, improve the soil, create practical turf areas, select appropriate plants that require less water, use mulches, irrigate efficiently, and maintain the landscape properly.

One common misconception when people hear “xeriscape” is ZEROscape. Some water districts are now rebranding the concept of xeriscape as ColoradoScape. This past weekend was the Castle Rock Parade of Gardens hosted by the town of Castle Rock and Castle Rock Water. This event showcased several gardens throughout Castle Rock demonstrating different styles of ColoradoScaping. Each location showed different styles of low-water landscapes.

The garden I worked at was titled “The Secret Garden” because the main garden was hidden away by trees and other hardscapes. The couple planned the garden together, blending stone, brick, mulch, and plants to create variety throughout their landscape. Low-water landscapes can be interesting and colorful.

Hardscapes like paths and stone can add different textures and colors to your landscape.
Using different plants also add variety of colors and textures. Look for plants with different leaf sizes and shapes.
Rain barrels can add a beautiful accent to your landscape. This has a regular hose for watering and a soaker hose attached.
Containers and yard art can easily add color and interest without requiring any extra water.

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