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Monday, July 1, 2024

Coming Soon: County Fairs

 Posted by Linda Langelo, Golden Plains Horticulture Specialist

The county fair has something for everyone. Exhibiting is only part of it. Come out and see 4-H. The 4-H members work hard throughout the year and come to the fair to be judged on showmanship competition with their animals.

Open Class Horticulture Entries. Yuma County Fair 2023.

Fairs are about community. As a community member, if you have a craft or hobby such as quilting or photography, exhibit and show people what you do. Just follow the instructions in the fair book and you will be off to a good start! The rules are clearly written. For exhibiting for Open Class there are general rules to follow. If you are exhibiting in horticulture to show off your flowers, the rule might be to use a certain vase. Other rules might be asking you to bring a clean container and one that is weed-free. Be sure to bring the freshest flowers that are pest and disease-free.

"Flowers for Mom" class at the Yuma County Fair. 

Bring your vegetables and exhibit them. Different fairs have different types of exhibits. There is one where the longest zucchini wins! Another is the heaviest zucchini wins! Enjoy the food vendors! Bring your family and bring your friends. Some fairs have rides, and some fairs have concerts. Make it a fun time!

Most fairs have individual plant categories you can enter. 

Come out to the fair and enter.  Give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Happy fair time!

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