Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sixty Second Secrets for Gardening Success: Colorado Gardening

Today on sixty-second secrets for gardening success: Colorado Gardening.

Colorado’s climate creates many advantages for gardening. With its abundant sunshine, and low humidity, it creates an environment that is ideal for many plants. However, some of our soils which may be clayey, high in pH, and low in organic matter, large fluctuations in temperature, and scant precipitation can also create challenges for gardeners.

Your local CSU Extension office is here to help. From Gardening for newcomers, to xeriscaping, native plants and grasses, plants adapted for our area available through the Plant Select Program, we have plenty of information to help you garden successfully in Colorado.

So stop by your local CSU Extension Office or talk to you local Colorado Master Gardeners and explore the possibilities of Colorado gardening today!

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