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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sixty Second Secrets for Gadening Success: Selecting Trees

Today on Sixty-Second Secrets for Gardening Success: Colorado Friendly Gardening Principle #1. Right Plant, Right Place- Selecting Trees!

The average life span for a tree in a landscape is 8 years. This is due largely to poor planting, and poor planning. Some things to consider when selecting a tree for your landscape include:
• Mature Size: Consider the mature size of your tree. The tree should fit into your available space, when mature, without the need for pruning.
• Growth rate: While many homeowners prefer a fast growing tree, remember that fast growing trees are often more prone to internal decay, insects, diseases and also have a shorter life span.
Soil conditions: Poor soil conditions contribute to 80% of all tree problems. Start any gardening project by getting a soil test from your local CSU Extension Office.
Other things to consider include watering needs and management concerns.

For more information on selecting trees, contact your local CSU Extension Office.

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