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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sixty Second Secrets for Gardening Success: Soil Preparation

Today on Sixty-Second Secrets for Gardening Success: Soil Preparation!

The best way to begin preparing your soil is with a soil test. Your CSU Extension Office can help you with this. This test is a great place to start because it tells you what to add to your soil to help your garden perform better.
The most important thing you can do for your garden’s soil is to add organic matter. Organic matter aids in drainage and minimizes soil compaction, which reduces soil oxygen. Organic matter also provides an important source of nitrogen for your plants.

When choosing an amendment, consider carefully what you use. Animal based products and bio-solids are high in salts and heavy metals which build up in your soils. Consider using well aged plant based compost instead.

Last, roto-till 3-4 inches of compost into your soil at a depth of 6-8 inches, rake your bed smooth, and enjoy planting!

For more information on gardening, contact your local CSU Extension Office.

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