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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Discover seasonal indoor plants like never before….

Posted by: Linda Langelo, horticulture agent, Golden Plains Area
Photo courtesy of Longwood Gardens
Let your imagination soar this holiday season.  In the photo above, the floral carpet is actually made from apples. 
Photo courtesy of Longwood Gardens
In the above photo ivy, poinsettias and begonias are used for the red and white in this floral carpet.  

Next there is setting the table for your family and guest’s holiday dinner in the photo below.  Just the right touch for Christmas cheer.
Photo courtesy of Longwood Gardens

Then there is the after dinner stroll……
Photo courtesy of Longwood Gardens
One of the many uses of cyclamen for an indoor display.  So this holiday season, enhance the warmth of your home for family and guests with the plants you love in an imaginative and creative way. 

Longwood Gardens once a private estate owned by Pierre du Pont, and today is an internationally recognized horticultural display garden for the public. If you would like to learn more about Longwood Gardens go to the following link:

The Professional Gardener Program started in 1970 at Longwood Gardens.  I was accepted into this program and begun my first training in the world of horticulture.  A few years after graduating from the program I returned to Longwood Gardens to work and was again privileged to be a part of two seasonal committees: Chrysanthemum and Christmas.  The planning for these displays are discussed and decided years in advance. 

I hope these photos will give you inspiration this holiday season and keep your season joyful and warm.  


  1. Just saw your Longwood Gardens article. I spent two summers as an intern at LG in the 60s. Learned so much of value. Thanks for sharing your article and photos.

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