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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Iris "accordians": What caused it?

Posted by: Alison O'Connor, Larimer County Extension

As I was mulching my front yard a couple weekends ago, I noticed this funny growth pattern on my iris. But it was only on a couple of the leaves....specifically, the third oldest leaf on each plant. Both plants are near my west-facing front door.

Iris "wrinkles"
What do you think caused this? No Googling!

Iris "elastic bands"
In a few days, I'll post (what I think is) the answer. Submit your comments below!


  1. I posted this to Twitter and Facebook. So far the best answer has been "Lawrence Welk music."

  2. Plants forgot to use sunscreen last year?

  3. I've never seen that and am most curious to know the answer. Another strange and mysterious happening in the garden.

  4. I would guess (judging from the date this was posted) it's some sort of frost damage. One of those nights it got really cold and snowed. The snow killed some of my Allium then warmed up and melted creating extra water drowning them some. (I just have a bad garden location). The cold made some of the leaf tips look very similar. You can also see a burn on the outside of the leaf after the bends. I would think that may indicate some sort of mild frost damage since it happened to a few plants all at the same time in 1 location?