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Monday, December 25, 2017

The United States Botanic Garden Conservatory: Holiday Displays

Posted by: Yvette Henson, San Miguel County

For the 2014 Thanksgiving Holiday, my husband and I went to Washington DC to spend time with our youngest daughter who was doing an internship as part of her universities degree requirements.  While we were there we visited the US Botanic Gardens Conservatory.

In the conservatory Garden Court they had a display of Washington DC Landmarks made from all natural materials such as leaves, seeds, bark, fungi, etc.  I was totally blown away and forever inspired.  Here are pictures of a few of them.  (Keep in mind these pictures were taken with my iphone in 2014.)

US Capital

Lincoln Memorial

Smithsonian Castle

White House

2014 Garden Court Christmas Tree 
(surrounded by buildings made from all natural materials)

Just for fun I've included 2 photos from the Conservatory Model Train Display that was also part of the 2014 US Botanic Gardens  Conservatory holiday display.

Conservatory Model Train Track 

Fairy House 

I was so inspired by these beautiful displays that I started making fairy houses made of all natural materials with my granddaughter.  Ours don’t even approach the intricate detail of these made for display at our National Garden but they sure are fun! 

For more information on The Plant Based D.C. Landmarks at the United States Botanic Garden Conservatory go to this link 

This year the Conservatory is featuring a display of replicas of U.S. Roadside Attractions made out of all natural materials.

Happy Holidays!

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