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Monday, December 9, 2019

Make a Holiday Tree from a Tomato Cage

by Amy Lentz, Horticulture Extension Agent - Weld County

That's right! A tree made from a tomato cage! This is a fun and fairly easy holiday craft project that can utilize those extra clippings of holiday greenery.

Here's how:

1. Find a Tomato Cage 
The size is your choice. I used a simple 4' tomato cage, nothing fancy! Turn it upside down and place on a flat surface.

2. Gather Some Real Holiday Greenery 
Luckily, a local hardware store had a bin of free branch clippings that were left over from trimming all the trees sold during the holiday season. I stocked up on some great Noble Fir branches! You will need approximately 8-12 branches depending on their size. Check with your local nurseries, hardware and big box stores for greenery sold as branches, too.

3. Use a Rubber Band
Wrap the rubber band (several times) around the loose ends of the tomato cage. A thick rubber band will be easier to work with. You'll need another rubber band later.

4. Start Weaving in Branches
This is the fun part! Start toward the bottom of the tomato caged and just place branches over the wire in an upside down orientation with the cut branches up and the branch ends toward the base of the tomato cage. You may need to put larger branches on the second rung to keep them at ground level. Once in place, try to bend and weave the branches around the scaffold and side wires of the cage to secure them. You shouldn't need to secure them with ties unless the tree will be in a windy area. If you do need to tie them, you could use small zip ties to secure the branches to the wires.

5. Keep Filling in the Space
Add more branches, working your way toward the top rung of the tomato cage. Starting low and working your way up the tomato cage will layer the evergreen foliage nicely. You may need to cut a few into smaller pieces as you go higher.

6. Fill in the Top
Use a few smaller branches to place around the top of your tomato cage. Use the second rubber band to secure the branches by wrapping it several times around the bundle.

7. Add Some Bling
This is where you get to use your imagination! I used some simple artificial floral sprays with poinsettias, berries and pine cones that I found on sale at the fabric store. I just placed them throughout the tree in a similar upside-down fashion.

8. Top it Off
Add a stocking cap, hat, star, scarf (whatever you can think of) to cover up the exposed branches at the top of the tree. I used a Santa hat with a stiff cone inside to help keep its shape.

In just a few simple steps, now you can create your own holiday tree made from a tomato cage and leftover tree trimmings. Happy Tree Making!


  1. I like it! Very inspiring! Endless possibilities. Captures the spirit of the season.

  2. That is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing.