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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Ribbons and Livestock and Gardens, oh my!


It’s that time of year when, across the entire state, counties are gearing up for their county fairs. Event planning is being finalized, award ribbons are being made, and livestock is being meticulously groomed before show. Similarly, demonstration gardens are also being polished up before fair, but rather than being trimmed and brushed, gardens are being weeded and prepped.

Demonstration gardens are common features of extension offices, showcasing research-based practices for landscaping and/or gardening and often dedicated to a particular theme. For instance, many counties offer demonstration gardens that focus on native plants or on xeriscape gardening. Some counties have more uniquely-themed demonstration gardens, such as the Rock and Hell Strip Demonstration Garden in Boulder County or the Ute Ethno-botanical Learning Garden in the Tri-River area. So whether you’re interested in some ideas for your own landscaping or gardening project or you just want to tour some pretty gardens, make sure to check out your local demonstration gardens while you attend this year’s county fair (or anytime, really)!

Rock and Hell Strip Demonstration Garden in Boulder County

Ute Ethno-botanical Learning Garden in the Tri-River Area

Over at Jefferson County, we’ll be hosting an Open Garden Day on August 6th from 9 AM to 7 PM, located at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden. Demonstration gardens on-site include the Giving Farm Horticulture Garden, the Plant Select Garden, the Native Garden, and the Fruit Tree Orchard. Aside from having Master Gardeners available to answer any questions, we’ll be offering giveaways and garden-themed kids’ projects, so don’t miss out!

Giving Farm Horticulture Demonstration Garden in Jefferson County


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